BSOD: Black Screen Of Death – MopeioHacks

BSOD: Black Screen Of Death - MopeioHacks

Ok! I fixed Black Dragon as it was causing Black Screen of Death when you upgraded to it. Some people are still complaiing that it is still happening but to other animals too. Well it shouldn’t happen though. But help me rectify the BSOD if you see it again. Please follow these to get me:

When you see BSOD do this:

  • Which animal it causes.
  • What animals were on screen when it happened?
  • Open browser Developer mode (F12 in Chrome)
  • Click on Console in the Developer mode (click on error option if there is)
  • Take screen shot of what browser control.
  • Send any evidence to me that will be helpful in reproducing and rectifying the bug.
  • Upload in imgur, and send link in the comments of this post.

Your help in this regard will be appreciated.

Thank you

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