Teddy Bear Mod Pack

The Newest Mod Pack for Mope.io, By [TB] Teddy Bear

Teddy bear in the dumps. io mod pack is the latest, most advanced and most popular collection in the dumps. io modified.

Meet you in the dumps.

Choose from 4 preset themes: spring(the default), winter, desert, industrial. Choose from 6 bundled skinsets: Teddy bear+Aqua, desert, jungle, dinosaur/prehistoric, birds, MopeX. Add your own skin. Change the music loop playing in the menus. Enable the glass point or the texture of the hills. And more. It’s like a completely new game, customized to your liking.

Zoom out/in
Transparent water points, Bush berries, etc.
Optional Ghost mode display underwater/camouflage animals
The default spring theme+three themes for the sullen. io: winter, desert, industrial
Advanced custom skin interface with three bundled skinsets(Teddy bears, desert, dinosaur)the ability for you to add your own!
Draw the track line, to help locate predators, prey, and more(highly recommended for beginners)
Prohibited activity time expires, the score change notification, auto-rebirth/upgrade, hold the animal still lines the mountain, and more.

Vulture Rhinochaarge, Tiger by Parker, Indominus Rex through the SirNathan2000. All these and more are available in the Teddy bear mod group.

Set your views.
Tracking, transparent bushes,&Ghost mode helps to take the mystery in the dumps. Tracker draws a straight line to the predator the prey, the other[TB]post, or other Dragon/Kraken/snowman, to help you better positioning in those players. They can be enabled/disabled to your liking, either through the settings or use the hot key in the game. The tracker is highly recommended for new players, but can even to help pros!

Transparent bushes and Ghost mode gives you peace of mind. No more worrying the predators hidden in bushes or the sea, because with these features enabled, they are visible, even in the hills. Of course, if at any time you want to a securities gaming experience, these features can be disabled in settings or in the game.

Play without hesitation. Or hesitaion.
Optional auto-upgrade and auto reborn allows you to jump directly to the next animal or game not hit a thing. Hold the animal still allows you to keep your animal slipping out of a hidden hole or move the chat, as long as the Keep falling of the H bond. And, the prohibition of the Inactivity Timeout allows you to rest longer than 15 minutes of time to the game, one hour before lose any XP!

The chat just gets better. Is not so dangerous.
No more hiding in the hole just to say Hello or go for the team, and hope that the other will understand. Save your five most used chatlines, only two buttons you can instantly chat with them in the game.

Mopers love of Teddy bears. Teddy bear likes them back.
Teddy bear mod group worship its users. It was once on YouTube channels, for example, on the stage near, iStealth, and many more. If you play the sullen. io,you need this mod Pack-free download now!!!

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